What Breast Augmentation Size is best for me?

Breast Augmentation - Dr Terri Halperin 3Having breast augmentation surgery is a very personal choice. The implant size you choose to use is just as personal of a decision as choosing to undergo the procedure. Self-image, personal idols, desired aesthetics in clothes, prior size, and personal preference are all factors that are considered when choosing an implant size for your breast augmentation procedure. It is impossible to choose the right size implant for yourself. You will always need the help of a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon in Brookline like Dr. Terri Halperin.

It is crucial that you share your breast augmentation vision and expectations explicitly with your Brookline plastic surgeon. This is imperative because the final size of your implant is undecided until you are on the table and the incision has been made. Your Brookline plastic surgeon will have a selection of various breast implants available during your breast augmentation surgery and the final selection will be made in the operating room. It is important that your plastic surgeon understand exactly what you want because they will be using that information to select the final choice for your implant.

To help narrow down the choices for your Brookline breast augmentation your plastic surgeon will take measurements of your body. It is important that your individual anatomy be the foundation of the choice of implant size. Proper proportions are everything. Dr. Halperin will allow you to try on different “sizers” during your breast augmentation consultation to see how different size implants look and feel to you.

If you are considering breast augmentation in Brookline, call the office of board certified Dr. Halperin today for a consultation. Dr. Halperin can help you narrow down the best implant sizes for your breast augmentation procedure.