Talking to your Children about the Mommy Makeover

The mommy makeover is a surgical procedure tailored to women who have had one or more children. Since every mommy makeover is customized to meet the needs of each individual patient, no two mommy makeovers are the same. However, mommy makeovers generally involve a combination of one or more forms of breast augmentation, tummy tuck, vaginoplasty, and/or labiaplasty.

Many Boston plastic surgery patients who have had a mommy makeover struggled with what they would tell their children about the process. While some Boston mothers found it best to send the children away with family or go on a retreat themselves while they are healing, others just don’t know what to tell their children.

With younger children it is hard to say to what degree they comprehend a concept like this, and it is up to the individual parents to decide how much information is enough.  Sending the message that mommy hates her body enough that she is willing to undergo invasive elective surgery and an extremely uncomfortable healing process is not a message most mothers would choose to give their children, but dishonesty or lack of transparency could be even more damaging in certain relationships.

When making the decision for yourself about what to tell your children about the mommy makeover, it is important to remember the wide range of content children are exposed to on the television, over the internet, and even at school. If your child is old enough to have some understanding of what is going on it may just be best to discuss it openly and answer any questions they may have rather than allowing their imagination to fill in the blanks for them.

Whatever Boston parents choose to tell or not tell their children after their mommy’s makeover, the important thing is that you make the decision with their best interest in mind. When you come to the Boston plastic surgery office of plastic surgeon Dr. Terri Halperin (a mother herself), ask her for tips about explaining you operation to your children.