Mommy Makeover

Women shouldn’t have to sacrifice the way they look and feel once they become a mom. Dr Terri Halperin specializes in patients who have had children and want to get back their pre-pregnancy look. Many women in Boston who desire plastic surgery should consider a mommy makeover.

Dr. Terri Halperin can add liposuction or a tummy tuck to a breast lift or breast augmentation. While from time to time it is best to separate these procedures, deciding what is best for you can only be achieved by setting up a consultation directly with Dr. Halperin. Many patients desiring a mommy makeover will travel from outside of Massachusetts to work with one of Boston’s top cosmetic surgeons.

Am I a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

If you are not planning on having anymore children and have finished breast feeding then yes, you could be a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover in Boston. During pregnancy a woman can gain on average 25-35 pounds. Even after woman lose the weight they have gained, they sometimes feel that they have smaller “pancake breasts”, weakened or separated abdominal muscles and stretch marks.  If lowering the impact of pregnancy on your body would increase self esteem or make you feel great in a bikini, you may be a good candidate for a mommy makeover.