Facial Plastic Surgery and Your Sense of Self

Boston Facial Plastic SurgeryOur face is key to how we express ourselves and how we form our identity and sense of self.  If you’re considering a facial plastic surgery such as rhinoplasty or a facelift take into consideration your sense of self and how you want to portray that to the rest of the world. Facial surgery can make a huge impact on a person’s sense of self and how one relates to the rest of their world.

Our personal sense of identity comes from a multitude of factors but our appearance is the primary way we identify ourselves and express ourselves to others.  Many people elect to have facial plastic surgery because they just don’t feel like the appearance of their face meshes with who they are on the inside. In essence, they don’t feel like there is a sense of congruity between the inside and the outside.  For example, an aging face that looks tired and worn can misrepresent an individual who feels young and energetic on the inside. A face lift, brow lift or cheek implants can help with that.

Sometimes people choose facial plastic surgery because of a uniqueness that separates or isolates them from others.  They want to feel more connected to their social groups and so they may consider a rhinoplasty or eyelid surgery.  For example, blepharoplasty (a.k.a. eyelid lift) is very popular among those with Asian ethnicity in order to make their eyes look bigger and have more of a western appearance.  Rhinoplasty is also very common among certain ethnicities.

Facial surgery is not only skin deep, though.  Changes to one’s face can have a significant impact on a person emotionally because our appearance is so closely connected to our personal identity.  Before considering any kind of facial surgery, one should think about the psychological significance it may have.  Here is a list of some good questions to ask yourself if you’re considering facial plastic surgery:

  1. Do you think people see you differently than you see yourself?
  2. How do you think important people in your life or even strangers will respond to you after the surgery?
  3. Does your desire to have the specific type of surgery you’re considering change from day to day or week to week?
  4. What do you hope your surgery will do for you physically and emotionally?

We want you to be the very best you possible.  We also want you to be healthy and happy inside and out.  Contact us today if you are considering any changes to the way you look.  We are here to discuss your options and we have your best interests at heart.