Breast Lift Popularity is Rising

Since the year 2000, the number of breast lifts performed each year is up 70 percent according to a new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Last year more than 90,000 women got the breast lift procedure, also known as a mastopexy, up from fewer than 53,000 in 2000.

Breast augmentation with breast implants still remains the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in the United States with more than 290,200 people undergoing the procedure last year. However, the breast lift procedure is growing in popularity twice as fast as breast augmentation surgeries since the start of the decade.

A breast lift procedure lifts sagging breasts by surgically removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and raise the breasts. Life events like pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight fluctuations, genetics and aging all cause changes in skin elasticity, leaving sagging, sad looking breasts.

According to studies, nearly 70 percent of cases last year involved women between the ages of 30 and 54. The ideal candidate for a breast lift is typically a woman who has a good amount of breast tissue left, who doesn’t necessarily want to have implants but want their breasts to be perkier and more prominent.

It is important to note that a breast lift procedure will not change the size or “round out” the breasts, according to ASPS. Like any surgery, risks include bleeding, infection and adverse reactions to anesthesia.

Many of our Boston breast lift patients are women who’ve had children, whose breast volume has decreased and who are experiencing considerable sagging. We happily are able to get rid of excess skin and lift the breasts back up where they’re supposed to be. Many women lose breast tissue as they age and coupled with natural sagging the breasts lift surgery is a wonderful option for women to regain their once perkier, youthful looking breasts without necessitating breast implants to enhance the chest.

If you live in the Boston area and are interested in learning more about wildly popular breast lift procedure, contact Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Terri Halperin’s office today!