Breast Implant Incision Locations

Breast Implants - Dr. Terri HalperinPlastic surgeons in Boston and around the globe will tell you that one of the first questions women have when considering breast implant surgery is the location of the incision. Although women are concerned about the form of anesthesia and the type of implant that will be used for their breast implant procedure, women are especially concerned with the placement, shape, and size of the scar that will be left behind. Your certified Boston plastic surgeon will help you decide best location for your incision, but here are the basic options for breast implant surgery:

  1. The inframammary technique: This is by far the most common technique practiced in plastic surgery today. The incision is made under the breast in the breast crease. The scar is completely out of the eye’s view when looking at your breast directly in the mirror, and from most angles. This incision location will not disturb milk production when lactating.
  2. The transaxillary technique: This incision option for your breast implants takes the scarring away from the breast completely and brings it to the upper/inner edge of the armpit. This incision may be visible when wearing a tank top.  Implant placement can be more difficult using this technique.
  3. The periareolar technique: Boston surgeons use this technique to efface the scar with the nipple. The incision is made around the circumference of the nipple and is nearly invisible.
  4. The tranumbilical technique: This approach leaves behind the smallest scar. However, Boston plastic surgeons avoid using this approach because of its distance from the breast, making breast implant placement difficult and increasing the likelihood of complications.

If you are considering breast implant surgery in Boston, call the offices of board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Terri Halperin, today. Dr. Halperin can further explain all of the breast implant options for your specific anatomy.