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Gynecomastia in Boys: Effects Much More than Skin Deep

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It’s really no surprise that having any resemblance of breasts to a young male can be psychologically difficult to deal with.  A recent study reported in an issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), decided to evaluate the effects of persistent breast enlargement (gynecomastia) in adolescent males.  Their findings show that even mild gynecomastia can have adverse effects to the self-esteem and other areas of mental and emotional health in teen boys.  This brings up important implications for early intervention and treatment such as male breast reduction if applicable.

Participants in the study included about 50 healthy boys, average age 16.5 years who had breast enlargement.  They were given a series of psychological tests and their results were compared to a group of similarly aged healthy boys with no breast enlargement.

The researchers administered a series of psychological tests to 47 healthy boys, average age 16.5 years, being evaluated for gynecomastia. The results were compared to those of a group of boys without breast enlargement.

Gynecomastia is benign enlargement of male breast tissue that is actually relatively common in adolescent boys.  The majority of boys will have slight breast enlargement but it usually resolves over time.  Persistent breast enlargement occurs in about eight percent of boys.  Very often, boys with gynecomastia are overweight or obese and may find resolution of their gynecomastia by losing weight.

After taking into consideration the presence of factors related to being overweight or obese, the boys with gynecomastia still had worse self-esteem and emotional health related primarily to their enlarged breasts.  By just having gynecomastia, these boys were more at risk for having significant deficits in general health, social functioning, mental health, self-esteem, and eating behaviors and attitudes compared with the boys without gynecomastia.

Sadly, true glandular enlargement or the presence of a large amount of excess skin in the breast area will not go away with weight loss alone.  Therefore, more and more pediatrician and family physicians are encouraging boys and their parents to consider male breast reduction which is a simple and safe procedure when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon.

Hopefully, insurances will also recognize the profound effects of gynecomastia in adolescent boys.  Historically gynecomastia has been considered a purely “cosmetic” issue and surgery to correct it is not often reimburse by most insurance plans.  Because of this, researchers found that only 35% of adolescent boys who undergo surgery for gynecomastia get it covered by insurance, compared to 85 percent of girls undergoing breast reduction.

Adolescent boys have enough to worry about, don’t let gynecomastia be one more assault to their emotional and physical well-being.  Contact our Boston plastic surgery office today for more information regarding male breast reduction or any other service we can provide.

Mommies, You Deserve a Makeover! (part 2)

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The breast augmentation part of the mommy makeover helps moms achieve larger, fuller, more symmetrical breasts if they were left with saggy, deflated ones after having kids. Saline or silicone breast implants are used to enlarge the breast size for these patients. Breast augmentation or breast lifts can improve your body proportion, feminine appearance, and self-confidence.

In addition or instead of breast augmentation, some of our clients choose to undergo a breast lift. Breast lift surgery lifts and reshape sagging breasts by tightening loose tissue. At the same time, the areola size can be reduced. It’s very common to do a breast lift with a breast augmentation to restore breast volume as well.

The tummy tuck is the part of the mommy makeover that addresses a protruding tummy and stretched out abdominal muscles. During the procedure skin from the abdominal area are removed, leaving behind a tighter, more toned tummy. In addition to the tummy tuck, liposuction can be used to target fat deposits that are stubborn and resistant to exercise and dietary changes. We often use liposuction during our mommy makeovers in Boston to help slim down specific areas of the body.

Last but certainly not least, many women are not thrilled that their labia have changed with age or due to childbirth or other issues. Many people are surprised that it is more of a common concern than they think. A labiaplasty is a relatively simple operation that can make a woman’s genitals look younger.

Because it is a combined procedure of breast and body contouring, a mommy makeover involve more downtime than a single procedure. We advise all our Boston plastic surgery clients to recruit some help at home for about one week after surgery. Complete recovery typically requires several weeks. As with most cosmetic procedures, it may take about six months or even a year to appreciate the final results of your mommy makeover.

Mommies, You Deserve a Makeover! (part 1)

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Think of all the sacrifices you make as a mother. Time, sleep, your sanity and your body are all sacrificed for your precious little ones. If you find that after years of caring for basically everyone but yourself has left your outward appearance looking a lot older and more tired than you want, you need to consider what tens of thousands of other mommies are doing…the Mommy Makeover.

In Boston we are restoring mommies back into their pre-baby (or better than ever) bodies every day. A mommy makeover is a series of cosmetic surgery procedures that help women restore a youthful figure after pregnancy and childbirth. For most our clients this often involves a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) combined with breast augmentation and/or breast lift surgery. After multiple childbirths many women also want to reduce the size of their labia via labiaplasty since vaginal births can stretch out the skin and vaginal canal.

Here in Boston, we love helping moms recapture aspects of their physique and renew their self-confidence through mommy makeovers. If you’re a mom who is bothered by the changes brought by pregnancy, then a mommy makeover may be right for you. Mommy Makeovers address problems such as:

  • The tummy bulge from stretched out skin
  • Stubborn areas of body fat
  • Sagging or deflated breasts
  • Stretched out labia from vaginal births

These conditions are very common for women who have given birth and thankfully, there are options to improve your shape and self-confidence if you choose to do so. Candidates for a mommy makeover are healthy non-smoking women who are done having children and have a stable body weight and realistic expectations. If you are still planning on more childbirths or planning on losing a significant amount of weight then mommy makeover may be better postponed until after you’ve reached those goals. Also, it’s best to wait at least 3 to 6 months after childbirth before considering a mommy makeover

Read more about Mommy makeovers in part 2

Breast Lift Popularity is Rising

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Since the year 2000, the number of breast lifts performed each year is up 70 percent according to a new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Last year more than 90,000 women got the breast lift procedure, also known as a mastopexy, up from fewer than 53,000 in 2000.

Breast augmentation with breast implants still remains the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in the United States with more than 290,200 people undergoing the procedure last year. However, the breast lift procedure is growing in popularity twice as fast as breast augmentation surgeries since the start of the decade.

A breast lift procedure lifts sagging breasts by surgically removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and raise the breasts. Life events like pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight fluctuations, genetics and aging all cause changes in skin elasticity, leaving sagging, sad looking breasts.

According to studies, nearly 70 percent of cases last year involved women between the ages of 30 and 54. The ideal candidate for a breast lift is typically a woman who has a good amount of breast tissue left, who doesn’t necessarily want to have implants but want their breasts to be perkier and more prominent.

It is important to note that a breast lift procedure will not change the size or “round out” the breasts, according to ASPS. Like any surgery, risks include bleeding, infection and adverse reactions to anesthesia.

Many of our Boston breast lift patients are women who’ve had children, whose breast volume has decreased and who are experiencing considerable sagging. We happily are able to get rid of excess skin and lift the breasts back up where they’re supposed to be. Many women lose breast tissue as they age and coupled with natural sagging the breasts lift surgery is a wonderful option for women to regain their once perkier, youthful looking breasts without necessitating breast implants to enhance the chest.

If you live in the Boston area and are interested in learning more about wildly popular breast lift procedure, contact Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Terri Halperin’s office today!

Talking to your Children about the Mommy Makeover

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The mommy makeover is a surgical procedure tailored to women who have had one or more children. Since every mommy makeover is customized to meet the needs of each individual patient, no two mommy makeovers are the same. However, mommy makeovers generally involve a combination of one or more forms of breast augmentation, tummy tuck, vaginoplasty, and/or labiaplasty.

Many Boston plastic surgery patients who have had a mommy makeover struggled with what they would tell their children about the process. While some Boston mothers found it best to send the children away with family or go on a retreat themselves while they are healing, others just don’t know what to tell their children.

With younger children it is hard to say to what degree they comprehend a concept like this, and it is up to the individual parents to decide how much information is enough.  Sending the message that mommy hates her body enough that she is willing to undergo invasive elective surgery and an extremely uncomfortable healing process is not a message most mothers would choose to give their children, but dishonesty or lack of transparency could be even more damaging in certain relationships.

When making the decision for yourself about what to tell your children about the mommy makeover, it is important to remember the wide range of content children are exposed to on the television, over the internet, and even at school. If your child is old enough to have some understanding of what is going on it may just be best to discuss it openly and answer any questions they may have rather than allowing their imagination to fill in the blanks for them.

Whatever Boston parents choose to tell or not tell their children after their mommy’s makeover, the important thing is that you make the decision with their best interest in mind. When you come to the Boston plastic surgery office of plastic surgeon Dr. Terri Halperin (a mother herself), ask her for tips about explaining you operation to your children.

Facial Plastic Surgery and Your Sense of Self

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Boston Facial Plastic SurgeryOur face is key to how we express ourselves and how we form our identity and sense of self.  If you’re considering a facial plastic surgery such as rhinoplasty or a facelift take into consideration your sense of self and how you want to portray that to the rest of the world. Facial surgery can make a huge impact on a person’s sense of self and how one relates to the rest of their world.

Our personal sense of identity comes from a multitude of factors but our appearance is the primary way we identify ourselves and express ourselves to others.  Many people elect to have facial plastic surgery because they just don’t feel like the appearance of their face meshes with who they are on the inside. In essence, they don’t feel like there is a sense of congruity between the inside and the outside.  For example, an aging face that looks tired and worn can misrepresent an individual who feels young and energetic on the inside. A face lift, brow lift or cheek implants can help with that.

Sometimes people choose facial plastic surgery because of a uniqueness that separates or isolates them from others.  They want to feel more connected to their social groups and so they may consider a rhinoplasty or eyelid surgery.  For example, blepharoplasty (a.k.a. eyelid lift) is very popular among those with Asian ethnicity in order to make their eyes look bigger and have more of a western appearance.  Rhinoplasty is also very common among certain ethnicities.

Facial surgery is not only skin deep, though.  Changes to one’s face can have a significant impact on a person emotionally because our appearance is so closely connected to our personal identity.  Before considering any kind of facial surgery, one should think about the psychological significance it may have.  Here is a list of some good questions to ask yourself if you’re considering facial plastic surgery:

  1. Do you think people see you differently than you see yourself?
  2. How do you think important people in your life or even strangers will respond to you after the surgery?
  3. Does your desire to have the specific type of surgery you’re considering change from day to day or week to week?
  4. What do you hope your surgery will do for you physically and emotionally?

We want you to be the very best you possible.  We also want you to be healthy and happy inside and out.  Contact us today if you are considering any changes to the way you look.  We are here to discuss your options and we have your best interests at heart.

Just say YES… to Plastic Surgery

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Many people who choose to undergo plastic surgery in Boston choose not to showcase the fact. This leaves us with the illusion that it is not very popular, or maybe even not very acceptable. This could not be more false!

Studies have shown that most people know at least one person who has undergone plastic surgery, even if they are unaware of the procedure. Further, more than 50 percent of the population have considered plastic surgery, but will not admit it to friends or loved ones.

So where is this false sense of plastic surgery being a taboo coming from? Getting plastic surgery is a personal decision, and whether or not you choose to receive plastic surgery the decision should be for you, not based on anything people say or may think about you.

History has shown that when expertly performed by an elite plastic surgeon, plastic surgery improves the quality of life of its patients tremendously. Plastic surgery can increase self-confidence, improve self-image, and motivate people to lead an overall healthier life to preserve their results.

In the grand scheme of things, plastic surgery is no different than a tattoo, hair dye, or piercings. All are personal decisions that should be made confidently, regardless of the opinions of others. Altering your outward appearance to reflect who you are inside is each individual’s right.

If you are considering plastic surgery call the Boston plastic surgery office of Dr. Terri Halperin today. Dr. Halperin and you can discuss all of the pros and cons of your potential plastic surgery procedure.

62% of American Moms Seek Mommy-Makeovers

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A study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has revealed an interesting new statistic: 62 percent of mothers seek plastic surgery to get their pre-baby figures back.  Financial limitations likely keep the majority of them from actually going through with the surgery, but the high percentage does indicate that the desire to look good post-baby is growing in importance to women compared to past generations.

There are likely numerous factors that contribute to the rise in popularity of “mommy-makeovers,” and the fact that plastic surgery has traveled leaps and bounds in recent years is likely a major factor. The procedures often associated with mommy makeovers include breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, and breast lifts.  All these are much more advanced today than ever before.  They are safer and the recovery time, while still significant, is less than it used to be.

Additionally, social media, word of mouth and the overall ease by which information travels these days allows the popularity of things like mommy makeover to grow exponentially.  Women are also much more empowered these days, many are more self-sufficient financially than generations before them and the procedures are much more accepted than ever before

Childbirth can wreak a fair amount of havoc on the body.  Just the anatomical aspects of a growing belly and weight gain can follow a woman for years after birth. The lack of sleep and overall stress from child rearing can easily put time for workouts and health-conscious eating on the back burner.  Even the most body-conscious women have a hard time getting their old body back because pregnancy also changes the body’s metabolism and the ability to lose weight and tone muscle.  Breasts deflate, weight settles on the hips, and thighs, and stretched stomach muscles just don’t snap back through exercise and diet alone.

The mommy makeover is an attractive option for mothers because it can include a number of procedures, offering an overall improvement without requiring multiple operations.  Of course, these procedures can be performed separately if desired.  If you’d like to learn more about mommy makeovers or to schedule a consultation, contact Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Terri Halperin today! Our skilled team is dedicated to performing safe and natural-looking procedures, leaving you satisfied and confident.

What Breast Augmentation Size is best for me?

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Breast Augmentation - Dr Terri Halperin 3Having breast augmentation surgery is a very personal choice. The implant size you choose to use is just as personal of a decision as choosing to undergo the procedure. Self-image, personal idols, desired aesthetics in clothes, prior size, and personal preference are all factors that are considered when choosing an implant size for your breast augmentation procedure. It is impossible to choose the right size implant for yourself. You will always need the help of a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon in Brookline like Dr. Terri Halperin.

It is crucial that you share your breast augmentation vision and expectations explicitly with your Brookline plastic surgeon. This is imperative because the final size of your implant is undecided until you are on the table and the incision has been made. Your Brookline plastic surgeon will have a selection of various breast implants available during your breast augmentation surgery and the final selection will be made in the operating room. It is important that your plastic surgeon understand exactly what you want because they will be using that information to select the final choice for your implant.

To help narrow down the choices for your Brookline breast augmentation your plastic surgeon will take measurements of your body. It is important that your individual anatomy be the foundation of the choice of implant size. Proper proportions are everything. Dr. Halperin will allow you to try on different “sizers” during your breast augmentation consultation to see how different size implants look and feel to you.

If you are considering breast augmentation in Brookline, call the office of board certified Dr. Halperin today for a consultation. Dr. Halperin can help you narrow down the best implant sizes for your breast augmentation procedure.

Plastic Surgeon or a Cosmetic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation?

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Breast Augmentation - Dr. Terri Halperin 2If you are asking yourself the question, “should a plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon do my breast augmentation?” you are already one step ahead of most people considering plastic surgery. Many people do not know or understand the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon.

Breast implant surgery takes elite skill, knowledge, practice, and qualifications. Allowing a surgeon who does not meet these criteria to perform your breast implant procedure is a huge mistake.

  • A plastic surgeon is a doctor who has extensive education and preparation for practicing plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. A plastic surgeon completed a residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery and received specialized training in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.
  • A cosmetic surgeon may have completed their residency in anything ranging from general medicine to dentistry. All it takes to receive a license to perform cosmetic surgery in most states is an M.D. degree and a certificate in cosmetic surgery.

The difference between the qualifications of a cosmetic surgeon or a board certified plastic surgeon should be enough to persuade you to only pursue plastic surgery procedures performed by a board certified plastic surgeon.

When shopping around for your breast implant provider, choose a board certified plastic surgeon to protect your safety, investment, and the outcome of your procedure. Many of the horror stories that you hear regarding plastic surgery have occurred in the hands of unqualified cosmetic surgeons.

If you are considering breast implants in Brookline, call the offices of board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Terri Halperin. Dr. Halperin completed her residency in plastic surgery at Harvard University, and has all the education, qualifications, and experience to do your breast implant procedure!