62% of American Moms Seek Mommy-Makeovers

A study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has revealed an interesting new statistic: 62 percent of mothers seek plastic surgery to get their pre-baby figures back.  Financial limitations likely keep the majority of them from actually going through with the surgery, but the high percentage does indicate that the desire to look good post-baby is growing in importance to women compared to past generations.

There are likely numerous factors that contribute to the rise in popularity of “mommy-makeovers,” and the fact that plastic surgery has traveled leaps and bounds in recent years is likely a major factor. The procedures often associated with mommy makeovers include breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, and breast lifts.  All these are much more advanced today than ever before.  They are safer and the recovery time, while still significant, is less than it used to be.

Additionally, social media, word of mouth and the overall ease by which information travels these days allows the popularity of things like mommy makeover to grow exponentially.  Women are also much more empowered these days, many are more self-sufficient financially than generations before them and the procedures are much more accepted than ever before

Childbirth can wreak a fair amount of havoc on the body.  Just the anatomical aspects of a growing belly and weight gain can follow a woman for years after birth. The lack of sleep and overall stress from child rearing can easily put time for workouts and health-conscious eating on the back burner.  Even the most body-conscious women have a hard time getting their old body back because pregnancy also changes the body’s metabolism and the ability to lose weight and tone muscle.  Breasts deflate, weight settles on the hips, and thighs, and stretched stomach muscles just don’t snap back through exercise and diet alone.

The mommy makeover is an attractive option for mothers because it can include a number of procedures, offering an overall improvement without requiring multiple operations.  Of course, these procedures can be performed separately if desired.  If you’d like to learn more about mommy makeovers or to schedule a consultation, contact Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Terri Halperin today! Our skilled team is dedicated to performing safe and natural-looking procedures, leaving you satisfied and confident.